What To Expect

Before Your First Visit

After we schedule your first visit, we will send you an email confirmation with electronic health forms. Please complete the forms as soon as possible to confirm your first visit. Set aside at least 20 minutes to complete. Dr. Leo reviews your information prior to your visit. If the electronic forms are not accessible to you, we can provide an accessible option.

First Visit

Dr. Leo will go through a discovery process with you to determine the source of your health concerns. This will include a detailed health history and a thorough spinal examination to determine abnormal alignment patterns and their detrimental effects on your nervous system and bodily function (subluxation). If any further imaging studies are necessary, they will be performed at one of many conveniently located imaging facilities.

Second Visit

Your next visit is the doctor's report. Dr. Leo will give a detailed overview of how corrective chiropractic works and the scientific evidence supporting this specialized work. This will be done in a group setting with other new patients. We will then privately review the results of your examination and x-ray imaging and recommendations for your specific case.

Typical Visit

A typical visit at our office after beginning care takes only 15-20 minutes. An adjustment doesn’t require much time to spark the healing process in your body.